Factors Considered When Purchasing Artificial grass

Artificial grass has become very popular in the modern days. You will find this grass covering most of the children’s playing areas, sports pitches, or in mini-golf courses. In the past, this grass was considered to be tacky and cheap looking, but it has greatly evolved over the past few years.

People have now embraced it and found it to be a more realistic alternative to the natural grass. The method involved in the production of this grass is not easy. The turf carpet produced by this grass is very attractive and easy to maintain. Here are some of the factors that should be considered when accessing the grass quality. These factors will help you in choosing a grass with a realistic feel and look.

Pile height

This refers to the height of the blades on the artificial grass carpet. This height is dependent on the purpose of the grass carpet and the carpet’s type. For instance, the blades meant for the artificial grass meant for commercial landscaping grass should have a height ranging between 1.5 and 2 inches.

The average athletic turf has a height ranging between 2.25 and inches. Pet grass should have short blades with a height of about 1. 5 inches. The pile height is directly related to the level of tear and wear exhibited by the grass over time although it is also affected by other factors.

Backing weight

This refers to the intensity or density of both the secondary and primary layers of backing. The backing weight is constituted of these two layers. The standard roll of artificial grass weighs about 26-28 ounces. Primary backing has consisted of the material in which the blades of the artificial grass are punched. On the other hand, secondary backing refers to the layer applied to the primary blades to reinforce their binding as well as increasing their durability. The commercial artificial grass can also be reinforced using polyurethane.

Total weight

This weight is determined by both the face and the backing weight. As a buyer, you are advised to go for a roll which is more studier instead of a thinner one. The studier carpet can last longer, and it is less prone to tear and wear.

The yarn

This refers to the material used in making the grass carpet. The types of yarns used include Polypropylene, polythene, and nylon. Polythene is known for being more balanced and versatile.

Roll width

The roll width is very important in determining the effectiveness of the turf carpet. The commercial roll has a width of 12.5 to 15 inches. The fist one is normally installed in narrower areas, but the latter is preferred since it can be installed easily.

Advantages Of Using Marbles As Flooring Material

The process of decorating a house is a difficult task. There are many decisions which are taken during this process, some of which can serve you for a lengthy period. Picking the best flooring material is one of the prime decisions that you can make when you are decorating your house. You need to determine the type of marbles which are most suited for your premises.

There are varieties of marbles in the market which you can choose from. Sometimes it could be difficult for you to pick the most suitable ones. Marbles shave been proven to be among the best flooring systems. These some of the main advantages associated with marbles floors.

Cost effective

Using marbles as the flooring material can help you in saving money. Quality marbles can be obtained at low rates. This means that you can get a quality floor system by spending relatively small amount. Again marbles are readily available, and you can, therefore, decorate your house without straining your budget.

Improving the look of your house

Marbles floor can provide a prosperous look to your house since these marbles come in different designs which are both exquisite and unique. Marble floor makes the hoe to look appealing and more appealing to the visitors. This feature can be used to compliment your innovative designs.


Marbles come in different shapes, designs, and colours. This allows the homeowner to decorate his house with unique colours and texture. It also allows the owner to match the colours of the marbles with that of furniture or he wall in the room.

Increasing the resale value of your property

You should consider your property to be an investment which will help you in getting profits sometimes in the future. Marble flooring helps in adding value to the house. This floor is a great reward for your investment. The rewards offered to our investment by this floor is much higher compared to the amount of money invested when designing your floor.


Marbles are extremely durable. This material is very hardy, and it has a long lifespan.

Easy to maintain

Marbles have another advantage when it comes to maintenance. These materials are very smooth, and they can be cleaned easily using water. You should consider marble flooring if you are interested in making your living place extraordinary clean. In addition to the smoothness of the marbles, there are marbles which have hypoallergenic properties. These types of marbles are resistant to the allergic substances. The hypoallergenic marbles also play a major role in maintaining the hygiene of your floor.